What Would You Like Me To Carry Here?

I've been successful selling music and audio products on several online shops, but am excited about this new website. However, while traffic is significantly increasing, the volume of sales doesn't correspond with it yet. The searches people have done here have been varied and occasionally bizarre, but I've made efforts to obtain and list a number of albums people seem to want. But I'm asking readers to suggest more -- what do you want me to carry? What genre/band/album would you like to see here? I can't get everything, but this feedback will help me know what I should be getting, and I'd appreciate comments to let me know what you folks are thinking. Read on and thanks!

The Bryston BCD-3: A True Audiophile-grade CD Player

You can now find a new audiophile-grade CD Player, if that doesn't sound too oxymoronic. It's the Bryston BCD-3 and “Zero-jitter, superb linearity, and the best sound quality CDs have to offer” are what make the Bryston BCD-3 so absolutely superb. Read on for more...

What Do You Know About Power Amps?

Power amplifiers snag low-level audio signals from preamps and “amplify” them (thus, the name, obviously) to a level that can drive speakers. Some amps are “integrated.” Integrated amplifiers have preamps built into them, so there’s no need for an external preamp. Some audiophiles look down on integrated amplifiers, while others are more lenient in their views... Nonetheless, some people prefer “power amps,” which if you haven’t guessed by now, do NOT have preamps built into them and require an external preamp.

This blog post discusses the makings of a power amp, with various comments and suggestions for preamps and power amps.

Which Turntable Mat To Choose?

Which Turntable Mat To Choose?
There are many turntable mats out there, and proponents for each one. While most turntables usually come with felt mats, they're generally considered the least desirable, so it comes down to preferences between rubber, leather, and cork mats. Cork is often considered superior, and this blog post explains why. Additionally, many audiophiles use acrylic turntable platters (and even mats), which is the subject for another blog post. What is your mat of choice and why? Feel free to leave comments!

Are You Truly An Audiophile?

Are You Truly An Audiophile?
Here is a pretty cool article/poll on audiophiles, as in what are they and are you one. There are 10 items/questions listed, and after you add your score up at the end, you're told whether you're a regular music lover, an audiophile, or "the embodiment of an audiophile." What are you?

Adding Rare & Collectibles to Inventory

I've been busy adding rare and special collectible products to the catalog. I take great pride in being able to provide items such as these to customers, and greater pride in conducting custom searches for people looking for specific hard-to-find items. I have quite a few Russian and Australian albums, as well as others from Canada, Spain and China. Get them while they're available!

The Birth of Scott's Music Shak

The idea for this type of shop was born in early 2017. I started purchasing supplies of all sorts in the summer of 2017: cleaning supplies of all types for vinyl and CDs, CD repair equipment, the best, strongest outer sleeves for vinyl I could find, numerous shipping and packing supplies, and so much more. I also increased my personal music inventory by acquiring a number of albums, often in genres I didn't own, or collector's items, etc. I have a number of rare items I sell, as well as new items, and more. Thus, Scott's Music Shak was born here on March 19, 2018.