Hi. I'm Scott and I've been online for years. I've done many things in my life, but a recent fun adventure has been transferring my lifelong passion and knowledge of music and audio into selling typically high quality tactile/analog music (vinyl LPs, CDs and cassettes), both new and used items, as well as the occasional select accessory or component, like preamps, turntable cartridges, turntable mats and speakers, etc. I opened my first online shop on an audio site in November 2017, selling inventory on eventually seven sites internationally (most of which I'm shutting down because I'm developing this site). I've met some really nice people -- digitally -- around the world this way, and have had the joy of providing pleasure to others in the form of music -- typically analog music, what I would argue remains the best form of music due to signal AND noise. If you doubt me, I could point you to one or two books on the subject. They're fascinating.

While I tend to specialize in Goth and Industrial music a great deal, I sell many more genres than that. I have a lot of Alternative, Classic Rock, Electronic, Pop, Jazz, New Wave, Funk, Arena Rock, even Bluegrass, Country and more. I also often sell rare items, such as imports, promos, unreleased records, etc. So stop by when you can and see what I've added to the Shop. Hopefully, you'll find something you like and I can make you happy. If you don't see something you want, contact me because I might already have it and it's simply not listed yet or chances are I can possibly get it, as I've developed an international network that has allowed me to find some of the rarest items you'll ever see. I do free custom searches for customers and potential customers. Just ask! One of my mottoes is "spreading music to the masses" and I believe you'll be happy with your purchase(s) because I love making people happy with great music and great customer service, I love feedback (especially when it's positive!) and I love meeting and "hanging out" with customers.

As an aside, I just want to explain that I'm a simple one person operation. I'm not a brick and mortar store, not a distributor, not a wholesaler. In other words, I don't deal in volume. Nearly all of the items for sale here are available in only one or two copies. I continually refresh my stock, but don't expect to buy five copies of the same product. That doesn't mean I can't handle special or custom orders; I usually can. I just wanted to explain that the items you see here are generally unique to me and thus to you. If an item seems to sell well, chances are I'll get more of that item, if it's available. I hope that's understandable and thanks for your patience and patronage.



Email:  scott@scottsmusicshak.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/scottsmusicshak/