Scott's Music Shak Terms


I prefer PayPal as my primary form of payment, but can take any major credit card.



Please do your best to ensure that your address is the correct shipping address BEFORE submitting payment for your order. If there is a discrepancy in your address, your order will be delayed.

Buyers are expected to pay shipping rates.

For shipping purposes, double albums are considered two (2) LPs.

I pack and ship my items well and quickly, and I try to maintain a 24-hour turnaround time.



USPS Media Mail (3-9 business days): $4.00 for the first LP. $3 for the first CD or cassette. $1 for up to two extra LPs, up to three extra CDs or cassettes. Large orders for LPs, CDs, or cassettes will be custom quoted. Priority or First Class mail is available upon request. (Priority mail is supposed to be anything larger than 4 lbs. Priority is typically around $15 per LP.)


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: International shipping is typically sent via First Class Package International. Cost is based on weight. As a general overall GUIDELINE, however, typically one LP costs $25 for First Class Package International. The costs go up with weight. Priority Mail is available, but the costs start at $49 and go up to $69 very quickly. Moreover, it’s been my experience that unless you’re on the other side of the world from the U.S. (i.e., Australia, etc.), Priority Mail is NOT faster than First Class Package International, yet it’s 2-3 times the cost. Thus, I strongly prefer to stay with First Class Package International for international shipping, as I feel it benefits the customers financially and in shipping time.



Terms and Conditions:

I accept “reasonable” returns up to within 15 literal days of delivery. There must be a tangible reason, i.e., a substantial defect, etc. If you convince me of the legitimacy of your reason(s), you will receive a full refund for both your sale & shipping costs with NO need to return the product, as long as there are fewer than three – 3 – items in question (i.e., 1-2). If you are dissatisfied with three or more items, notify me, explain the reasons in detail, provide any examples possible, then ship the items back to the seller at your – the buyer’s – expense in order to receive a full refund for the original sale & original shipping price. Again, any returns fewer than THREE do NOT need to be returned to the seller. Simply notify me of your dissatisfaction with a detailed explanation, ideally providing examples, and assuming your complaint is deemed legitimate, you will be issued a full refund for the original sale & original shipping price. Please include the transaction date and number. Thank you.



If you are happy with your product and/or service you receive at Scott's Music Shak, testimonials are welcome. Since the site doesn't have a feedback form to fill out, the only thing that can be done is to use the popup Contact Us form to email me a testimonial you'd like to share and how you want it attributed (first name, initials, full name, etc.). I'll post testimonials periodically as they're received. Additionally, unless you state you wish our communication to be private, I reserve the nonexclusive right to quote any positive feedback acquired in the process of "normal" electronic communication, even if not specifically emailed in as an official testimony. Anyone can opt out of this by stating they wish their communication to be private or confidential.



I am occasionally willing to accept or purchase some or all of people's vinyl, CD, or cassette collections. This happens rarely, so don't expect it, but I'm willing to listen to a proposal. Here are my terms. I am a one person operation and cannot handle huge collections, so please keep that in mind. I'm willing to consider accepting donations or potentially buying some tactile music, but there are variables, and I need to be given information regarding this variables to help me make a decision. I need to know what it is you want to give or sell me -- vinyl, CDs, cassettes, or a combination. I need an estimation of the overall condition of the collection using the Goldmine Grading Standard as found elsewhere on this website. I am only interested in Mint, Near Mint, or Very Good Plus items. I'll listen to a proposal for a "Very Good" item, but for me to consider it, it's got to be fairly unique, as in there would be a market demand for it. Otherwise, such items aren't worth very much on the open market. I'm generally unwilling to consider Good, and will not consider Fair or Poor. Next, I need to know the genres you have, as many as possible, and I'd like a few titles of artists and the actual albums as examples. When I respond by email, if I'm interested, I'll ask for a few representative photos to be emailed to me for examination. If I am interested, I'll ask for a representative list of roughly 10%, give or take, of your inventory, showing me artists, album titles, and grading. This will help me establish whether such items are in demand in the market. Genres I'm generally uninterested in include, in no particular order, Easy Listening, Religious, Big Band (unless originals), and rarely Country & Westerns or Bluegrass. There are other genres that hold little interest for me, but these are examples of the major ones. Genres I AM interested in are goth, industrial, classic rock -- originals, pop -- originals, soul, electronica, 1980s/'90s alternative, some alt rock, & several others. My order of interest is vinyl, then cassettes, followed by CDs. I'm not very interested in 7" vinyl, and prefer 12". Since I'm not a distributor or wholesaler, my profit margin is very slim, so do not expect an extravagant offer if I do offer to take some or all of your collection. It's negotiable. Please provide me with the following information: do you wish to sell your items as a lot for a flat price, or as individual items, pricing each differently. If I buy, I prefer to pay via PayPal, so will need a PayPal address at time of purchase. Please pack with extra care; most of these items are fragile. I accept USPS or UPS delivery, and am willing to discuss paying for the shipping charges. I do NOT accept or pay for international shipping, and as I am based in the United States, I'm afraid I only accept or buy from addresses in the continental U.S. Finally, for extra large quantity collections (I've been offered 1,600 item collections, etc.) that would be massively time and labor intensive for me to handle, or for collections of genres I consider generally unsalable, I'm willing to discuss the following option: I'll consider taking most or all of your collection for free with you paying the shipping rate, and I'll review and list the items that are in good condition. I'll then give you 33% of the profits for the sale of each and any of these items in lieu of paying outright for them. That strikes me as a fair and equitable way for me to handle the time and labor involved in listing items deemed to have lack of market interest. I don't accept all, or even most, offers for me to take or buy record collections. I would need an assistant or partner if I did that. But I'm willing to consider all inquiries, with these terms as the guidelines. It is my prerogative to modify these terms at any time of my choosing. It is your prerogative not to accept any offer you receive from me, although negotiation is possible. However, please don't expect to take up too much of my time in attempting to negotiate a purchase price for your collection. Either we come to an agreement or we don't. I don't have the time to go back and forth, nor do I have the interest. Most of the items people try to sell me are usually castoffs people don't want, or the market is so saturated with these items that people can't sell them anywhere and want me to buy what I won't make any money on. I've been doing this long enough not to be suckered into such scenarios, thus my potentially perceived excessive terms. They exist for everyone's benefit. These are my terms for taking or buying people's record collections, subject to change without warning. Thank you.



Finally, thank you for your business. I hope you’ll be happy with your purchase because I love making people happy with good music, I love positive feedback & I love repeat customers. Love your music, know that I love music too, and I love to “sell a little bit of practically everything.” Cheers!